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Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

Jessica Comingore Blog: Friday Favorites

1. Julie Lansom‘s Sputnik lamps (and her film photography).
2. Scenes from Nepal through Joël Tettamanti‘s lens.
3. BDDW‘s take on the turntable — swoon!
4. This perfectly hued suede pouch from Baggu, exclusive to Anthropologie.
5. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Vrai & Oro to custom engrave one of their Sienne Necklaces, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Snag one for a loved one (or yourself!).
6. Curious to get my hands on a copy of Openhouse — a new publication that opens the door to private spaces of bright, creative people from around the world.
7. These ink-dipped hang tags for Several designed by Commission, a London based design and branding consultancy.
8. A little peek into the Barcelona home and studio of Lucía Vergara, photographed by Silvia Conde. Eager to see more!
9. This recipe for kabocha squash, fennel and ginger soup with spicy coconut on Dolly and Oatmeal. Almost too pretty to eat.

Hope you’ve all had a great week! I’ll be heading to New York on Monday for a bit of work and a bit of exploration. Lucky for me the Matisse exhibit at MoMA got extended, so I’ll get a chance to see it, but if you’ve got any other fun NY recommendations you can send my way, I’d love to hear ‘em. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve headed east, so I’m excited to see what’s new. We’ll see if my LA skin can survive a real winter (!). Feel free to follow along over on Instagram this next week, and until then, wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quiet Quality: Finding Your Purpose

JCS / LC Quiet Quality Purpose

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Purpose (namely through work) is a topic circling my head on a pretty regular basis, and I was confronted with it again recently after listening to Bryan’s Stevenson’s TED Talk, We Need To Talk About An Injustice. Bryan, the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, had so clearly found his purpose in a way that really struck a chord with me. There was no question as to what motivates him to wake up in the morning, and that clarity is something very powerful. Something that perhaps takes years to tap into, but once defined, can inform your every move. I don’t know if it’s a common struggle among creatives, but I’ve often found myself over the years questioning my purpose and if my work was serving a greater good in the way I desired it to, or in the way my peers’ so clearly did. I’ve battled internally with not wanting to pursue an occupation that only floats along the surface, but rather crave something that digs deeper to help answer life’s challenges. It’s only until recently (heading into my fourth year of business and tenth year in design) that my confidence has grown in a way that I feel comfortable owning my career path and being able to vocalize what my purpose is behind it. The funny thing is, creative work can be just as purposeful and impactful as any other occupational pursuit, I just needed to shift my perspective on it.

In reading up on the topic, I’ve come to realize that it’s not about finding your purpose, but rather creating it. A few questions (and a lot of self-examination) can help you begin the process, perhaps the most important of which is, “What are your unique talents and how do they align with a need in the world?” Taking the time to look outside yourself a bit and embrace the challenges we face, whether big or small, can be transformative. To find that sweet spot, that marriage between your life’s passions and your work can be a very beautiful thing. Dan Dennett famously said, “Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it” and I think there’s a good takeaway in that for everyone. Think about who you have been when you’ve been at your best, and replicate that action. It’s certainly something I hope to get closer to as time progresses, and meanwhile feel that mindfulness is always the first step. Now it’s our job to just dig a little deeper. —Jessica

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The topic of “using your gifts to impact others” has been a heavy and prominent theme for me as I’ve started my career, and I feel it is only appropriate to touch on the subject by sharing a little bit about my story. I was a Sociology major with a concentration in Social Justice and was hell-bent on pursuing a doctorate degree on the subject and dedicate my life to the field. I went to a liberal arts college and was fully immersed in my studies, usually stressed out, I was overworking, worrying and digesting some pretty heavy topics in my seminars. During my semester abroad in undergrad I had my first look at pivoting when I changed my independent study project from a topic I had already done months of research on to “muralism in social organizations”. I was completely enamored with this group of activists I had met in Buenos Aires, so for my last month there I followed them around as they painted murals across the city and subsequently wrote the best paper of my undergraduate career. I had found a group of people completely dedicated to social justice yet they were sharing their messages through art. My mind was blown. I was starting to loosen the grips on this idea that the only career for me was working for a non-profit or publishing papers on inequality. I was passionate about social justice but I also had a lot of hobbies including art, photography, and fashion. For the longest time I could not justify pursuing a career in anything artistic, it seemed utterly selfish to me. It took a few years for me to break out of this and a few other life changing (and really painful “pivots”) that lead me to a career in design that I’ll spare you for the sake of time.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

JC Find: Objects Without Meaning

Jessica Comingore / Objects Without Meaning Jessica Comingore / Objects Without Meaning Jessica Comingore / Objects Without Meaning Jessica Comingore / Objects Without Meaning Jessica Comingore / Objects Without Meaning Jessica Comingore / Objects Without Meaning

I was recently introduced to Objects Without Meaning (who are based here in LA) through a friend, and was so captivated by this series of photos for their SS15 collection. Aside from their exquisite design sensibility, the images remind me of everything I love about California. The late afternoon light, the architecture, the shadows, the casual ease in style where you can look both put together and comfortable at the same time. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

—Photos by Stella Berkofsky.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thierry Boutemy

Thierry Boutemy on Coffeeklatch Thierry Boutemy on Coffeeklatch Thierry Boutemy on Coffeeklatch

Starting off this Thursday morning with a few quiet moments (and thoughtful dialogue) from Brussels-based florist, Thierry Boutemy on Coffeeklatch. “I love writing poetry with flowers and evoking emotions with a minimum of means… Sometimes all you need are a few herbs and two or three imperfect flowers to create poetry with.”

Read the full feature on Coffeeklatch.

—Photos by Bart Kiggen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wardrobe Essentials

Jessica Comingore / Wardrobe Essentials

Outfit 01. Coat / Necklace / Button-Up / Bag / Jeans / Boots
Outfit 02. Denim Jacket / Ring / Tee / Backpack / Pants / Sneakers
Outfit 03. Leather Jacket / Cuff / Chambray Top / Pouch / Skirt / Loafers

As promised, today I’m sharing a few tips on the topic of wardrobe essentials. While everyone’s idea of staples will certainly differ based on their style and needs, I’m hoping to give a few suggestions in the way of comfort, quality, versatility and timelessness when it comes to your closet. And when I say “essentials”, I’m definitely not an advocate for dropping boo-koo bucks on filling your closet, but rather the opposite: trimming down your belongings to only the things you need, use, and serve you well.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Jessica Comingore Blog: Friday Favorites

1. This unique riff on the button-up shirt from Ruti. I’ve been wearing mine all week and love its a-line silhouette and mandarin collar.
2. One clever and beautifully designed cover by none other than book design master, Jason Booher.
3. The attention to detail in London’s Plywood House, designed by Simon Astridge Architecture Workshop.
4. Discovered the work of Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida this week. I fell most in love with his graphic work; etchings, lithographs and embossed prints.
5. I’ve been hooked on soups lately as the weather is still fairly chilly around these parts. Curious to try my hand at this black bean version next.
6. An expressive portrait of Richard Serra in his studio.
7. Remodelista rounds up the 33 top rental houses (beware if you’ve got the travel itch). A tough call, but I think the Baixa House in Lisbon might be my favorite.
8. This photograph by Bill Jacobson. I thought it perfectly complimented this article a friend sent over this week. A interesting perspective on the way vulnerability bonds people together.
9. Getting creative with paper and type for this 2013 calendar for Cartiera Fabriano.

Happy weekend, all!

Jessica Comingore / What's Cookin': Pancakes

I am not a brunch kind of girl. Truth be told, I am a run out of the house with coffee and maybe a banana type of girl. So, on a rainy morning in my sister’s extra roomy kitchen with a set of willing helpers at my side, I decided it was high time I tried my hand at brunching.

The spread was decadent without being over-the-top. And the results of this gluten-free riff on Gjelina’s lemon ricotta pancake recipe were nothing short of revelatory. I may not have converted to full-blown breakfast lover just yet, but I am already daydreaming about my next fancy pancake party. Yum.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mixtape Monday No.88

Jessica Comingore / Mixtape Monday No.88

1. Amen Dunes | I Know Myself
2. Ombre | Weight Those Words
3. Devendra Banhart | Santa Maria De Feira
4. Sylvan Esso | Dress
5. Kurt Vile | Blackberry Song
6. Alt-J | Warm Foothills
7. Yim Yames | My Sweet Lord
8. The Mynabirds | Numbers Don’t Lie
9. William Onyeabor | Heaven and Hell
10. Cotton Jones | Somehow To Keep It Going
11. John Lennon | Oh My Love
12. Fiona Apple | Across The Universe

LISTEN: Spotify

A January mix to kick-off your 2015! I discovered some new tunes over the break and have had a variation of this playlist on rotation since the New Year. So many goodies bundled up in this one; perfect to ease you into your morning (or just have on loop all day, like I’ve been doing). Enjoy!