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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quiet Quality: Visual

QQ Visual QQ Visual

Popping in today with an abbreviated version of our normal Quiet Quality posts (that we’ll still be writing once a month!) which we’ve aptly named Quiet Quality Visual. Lo and I will be pairing our photography along with prose from some of our favorite writers to provide a little eye candy between our long-form entries. If you happened to miss any of our previous posts, you can peruse some of our most popular below.

Goal Setting | Morning Meditation | Traveling Alone | Finding Your Purpose

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Jessica Comingore Blog: Friday Favorites

1. Sophia Pompéry’s Lighting Up, Burning Down video installation. So fascinating.
2. One of many breathtaking photos by Annemarieke van Drimmelen. Check out her website for more captivating moments.
3. Some awesome resources for graphic designers from Cocorrina about working with mockups (a super handy tool I use with every client to help visualize the end product!).
4. A trot around Athens with Chris Kontos on Freunde von Freunden.
5. A dynamite brand identity for Husler & Rose designed by Post.
6. Remodelista tackles spring cleaning this week with some great organizational tips, starting with your closet.
7. The quirky and graphic artwork of Pia Howell.
8. This breezy sleeveless knit dress from Zara. Perfect for spring if I do say so.
9. A beautiful Easter Sunday spread captured by Luisa Brimble.

Well this week sure did fly by. Looking forward to a relaxing few days ahead and hope you are too! See you back here next week.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Studio In Progress

Jessica Comingore / Studio In Progress

01. / 02. Justin Chung / 03. Justin Chung / 04. Martin Marceli Liebe / 05.

Last month I made the decision to sign a lease on a studio space; something I’d be mulling over since the end of last year and been on the lookout for for about 3-4 months before finding a spot that felt like a good fit. It was one of my New Year’s resolutions for the business, and though it’s been a challenging transition (hello, tax season), I’m feeling energized to bring it to life and embrace the new opportunities it will open up. I’ll admit that it’s a bit weird coming in here every morning and looking around, especially when I think back to where I was when I started this whole venture in late 2011.

I was living in a studio apartment and had cornered off the dining room as my “home office.” My bed was less than three feet away and work-life-balance was definitely not part of the conversation. I remember sitting at that desk and staring at the computer screen for most of the nights I lived there. A year later I moved into a one bedroom, again using my dining room as my home office, and separating work and life became a bit easier, but not a whole lot. After about 8 months, I opted for renting a desk at an office I had found not far from home, setting up all of my gear and creating real office hours (though I can still recall a good amount of late nights there, too). I stuck with this set-up for another year and half before feeling like I was outgrowing it. I kept envisioning room to spread out a bit, create beyond the computer screen, set up a library, and eventually, get someone in here to help me. Though the latter is still in the works, it feels great opening the door every morning to a space where I can do just that. It’s also been one of those humbling moments of realizing that nothing happens overnight, and that at each turn, a new slew of challenges turn up.

At the moment, I’m working from a folding card table in the middle of an empty room with boxes lined up against the wall, but knowing in time things will come together. And as I’ve always found to be most helpful when starting a new project, I put pen to paper, sketched out a floor plan and pulled some ideas for the look and feel of the space. I’ll be sure to pop in with progress as everything comes together over the next few months, and until then, I’m going to enjoy the journey. For as many highs that come along with running a business, there are certainly an equal amount of lows (or rather, hurdles), yet somehow I never question this path or pursuit. I guess that’s how you know you’re doing the right thing. And for those of you in the same boat, I also wanted to share a recent interview I did with LTD 365 where I share my best practices for creative businesses. Hope there’s a bit in there that you can take away, and as always, feel free to chime in with any questions.

PS. If you’re in the market for some design tips for your studio, check out my guide to creating an inspiring workspace over on eBay.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mixtape Monday No.90

Jessica Comingore / Mixtape Monday

1. Jamie xx | Sleep Sound
2. Jungle | Lemonade Lake
3. Yesway | Whoacean
4. Leon Bridges | Lisa Sawyer
5. Tennis | Bad Girls
6. Caribou | Silver
7. Lijadu Sisters | Come On Home
8. Tame Impala | Let It Happen
9. Cotton Jones Basket Ride | It May Never Pass Again
10. D’Angelo | Betray My Heart
11. Sufjan Stevens | All Of Me Wants All Of You
12. Phosphorescent | A Charm / A Blade

LISTEN: Spotify

So many good new tunes coming out lately. Sufjan! Tame Impala! Keep it comin’. And meanwhile, enjoy this month’s mix that includes a few new favorites.

Friday, April 3, 2015

JC Find: Sophie Buhai Jewelry

Sophie Buhai Jewelry Sophie Buhai Jewelry Sophie Buhai Jewelry Sophie Buhai Jewelry Sophie Buhai Jewelry

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase Sophie Buhai’s new jewelry collection, handmade here in Los Angeles. Sophie is the co-founder of Vena Cava and exudes this amazing California 90′s modernist vibe through her work, which includes both interior and jewelry design. I love every one of these pieces and perhaps more so the way she’s styled and photographed them. Two thumbs up.

Sophie Buhai

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quiet Quality: Space

JCS / LC Quiet Quality Space

Horizontal Rule

I’ve been influenced by my physical surroundings for as far back as my memory goes, and I’m convinced it’s not just by nature of being a visual person, but rather something that all people experience. Simply put, a space has the ability to transform your mood, your productivity, your actions, and even your mental health. Though it’s not the path I pursue currently, I started off my creative career in interior design by nature of being intrigued by this idea at a very early age. I would go on tours of homes around Los Angeles with my mom and loved witnessing how other people lived; how they arranged their knick-knacks on their bedside table and what part of the room they chose to situate their desks. I loved the idea of a space that had so clearly marked the lines between various activities.

Growing up, I was always conscious of keeping things tidy around me as I found it to be a way to feel centered and calm. I find that this idea is no different to me as an adult, and still serves as the basis for me to create order in the rest of my life. As I’m sure many can relate, an unmade bed, a messy car and stacks of paper spilling over your desk usually means things are a bit scattered in other aspects of your life. Without getting too fēng shuǐ about it, I do believe that designating different spaces to different things in your life can harmonize you with your surrounding environment.

These days, I practice this idea in a variety of ways, one of the most beneficial of which has been separating my work and living space. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a separate building for the two, but creating clear boundaries between where work ends and life begins is essential. Similarly, creating a space for where you read, where you rest, where you eat and where you socialize all help to create a sense of balance in your day-to-day. When you think about it, we seek out very different qualities for each of these actions and it only makes sense to dedicate a separate space in which to do them. For example, we usually want our work spaces to be soothing and clear of distractions to focus on our tasks, whereas when we meet up with a friend after work is over, we crave stimulation both socially and visually. And when we get home in the evening, we desire a comfortable space to unwind and feel safe.

The nature for humans to mold their spaces to their needs is perhaps what makes them so intriguing to us. A peek into someone’s home can say so much about them, and in recent years we’ve seen such a gravitation towards wanting to look inside. I feel like I could dissect this topic endlessly, but instead I’ll turn it over to you. How do you live? How do you make your space in this world unique to you? What qualities do you seek out? As always, would love to hear. —Jessica

Horizontal Rule

One of my favorite poems by Billy Collins, Advice to Writers, makes the mundane act of cleaning your office sound like a religious experience. I get lost in the details and leave the poem feeling refreshed and ready to create. In a way, Collins is talking about rituals that facilitate writing, and in another way he is talking about removing distractions and getting in a creative mindset by transforming a space. These thoughts have influenced my routine in a profound way and I am constantly working to bring this awareness into my creative spaces.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lincoln Black Label Home, Miami

Jessica Comingore / Lincoln Black Label Miami Home Jessica Comingore / Lincoln Black Label Miami Home Jessica Comingore / Lincoln Black Label Miami Home Jessica Comingore / Lincoln Black Label Miami Home

*Sponsorship Note: This post was created in partnership with Lincoln Motor Company. We received travel, lodging and compensation in exchange for this feature. All content, words and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create and maintain original content for this blog!

I recently teamed up with Lincoln Motor Company to pay a visit to their Black Label-themed home out in Miami. They described the concept as an entire residence (right on the water, no less) inspired by the four themes of their Black Label collection — Indulgence, Modern Heritage, Oasis and Center Stage. Coming from a background in interior design I found the concept to be an interesting challenge, and was even more impressed once I stepped foot in the door.

Lincoln partnered with Condé Nast Traveler to design the interiors and they elegantly translated the themes into one beautiful room after the other. It was certainly a toss-up, but my favorite of the themes was Indulgence (above), which led the inspiration behind the kitchen and master bedroom. Plush fabrics, distressed leathers and hints of brass done just right. Fittingly, the theme was inspired by chocolate and the variety of emotions it evokes, creating a rich, sumptuous and desirable interior experience.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Jessica Comingore Blog: Friday Favorites

1. My kind of spring dressing: cropped vintage Levi’s and Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s Roberta heels in mustard yellow.
2. Monochrome done just right in this architecture photo spotted on Flickr.
3. Some fun paper collages by A Friend of Mine for K.W. Doggett Fine Paper.
4. A recipe for roasted fennel with white beans and garlic parsley oil on With Food and Love.
5. This beautiful photo by Mustafa Hulusi that perfectly captures spring in my mind.
6. This poster design by Les Graphiquants for the publisher Moustache during the 2014 Milan Design Week.
7. One pretty little tassel necklace from Forestiere on Etsy.
8. This plaster fireplace and creamy white interior combo — swoon.
9. My dear pal Melanie Abrantes just released a clever and crafty Spoon Carving Kit — the perfect project for a spring weekend. I’ll be tackling mine soon.

Happy weekend ahead!