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Friday, September 30, 2011

on photography

I’ve been booking some more interior photography shoots lately and am loving every minute of it. There’s something so satisfying about capturing that perfect angle, vignette, stream of light or mix of materials. Have one tomorrow that I’m particularly excited about…will share soon. Until then, a few recent shots.

  1. jenika

    Love your eyeballs, Jibby! Particularly, what you see through them :)

  2. Becky Kurtz

    oh MY!!!

  3. zakka nouveau

    so great to hear such wonderful news!! you have a great eye & wow… just beautiful!! i want to see more, please.

  4. Kayla Poole

    beautiful! I love the little pops of pattern against otherwise neutral backdrops.

  5. designstiles

    Wonderful. You’ve got such a great eye. You’re gonna go far.

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