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Monday, February 13, 2012

flea market finds

Was feeling ambitious yesterday + woke up oddly early for a trip to the Rose Bowl flea. I had my eyes set out for a worn leather satchel to house my laptop and found this one for only $14. The zipper is broken, but it fits like a glove. Also snagged that brass pitcher {hello, heaven} and a polaroid camera. The latter is intended for use as a photoshoot prop, but thinking I might need to get some film to play around with it afterwards…

  1. bambilulu

    Nice finds! That brass and wood pitcher is the jam – I’d be willing to spend a pretty penny on that.

  2. Rebecca – A Daily Something

    Wow, what lovely purchases. I think I would have screamed if I saw that brass+wood pitcher. Your taste is pretttty impeccable, Jessica!

  3. Amanda Jane Jones

    oh wow…such good finds!

  4. Myrna

    That bag is amazing !!!!



  5. Erin Jane

    Where do you get your film for your Polaroid? I have a few different ones but can’t find film anywhere.

  6. Caitlin

    What amazing flea market finds! Love the brass coffee pitcher.

  7. joyce

    Man, I’ve been meaning to go to the Rose Bowl Flea market for like four months now, but something always steals my Sundays. Seeing your cute finds, though, I’m determined to make it out next month!

  8. Jessica Comingore

    @Erin Jane I get it from this store in LA called Samy’s, but I think you can buy online through Amazon.

  9. in dreams

    that pitcher is lovely! i’ve been scouring etsy for something similar for ages now, if only just to use as a vase.

    as a polaroid lover, i can tell you that the impossible colour films aren’t as perfect as i wanted them to be, so be wary of going nuts with those. HOWEVER, if you’re up for some b+w action, i highly recommend the brand, as they seem to have ironed out their kinks on that type. have fun! :)

  10. lovely and rust

    I love seeing your flea market finds! That brass pitcher is amazing. Jealous :)

  11. satsuki shibuya

    really nice finds!! i’ve yet to go, but been really been itching to! once i’m feeling better, i need a crash course from you, dabito & justina!

  12. Justina Blakeney

    sweet so you did get a new laptop!! Love that pitcher!!

  13. Sara

    Great finds! I’ve only gone to the Rose Bowl Flea once and that was several years ago. I am the worst at thrifting!

  14. Leela Cyd

    golden tea pots bring such joy to a morning routine – enjoy! great find :)

  15. _ffyona

    Great finds! I like the pitcher!

  16. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

    Girl, you did GOOD!!! That pot is amazingly gorgeous….jealous!!

  17. World Tour Stories

    wow i love that pitcher as well as your vintage laptop bag, gorgeous color

  18. beeofdesign

    WOW… these are some amazing finds. Can’t decided if I like the pitcher or the laptop bag better. Congrats.

  19. Becca – {extra}ordinary wonders

    I love the brass pitcher – such a good find.

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