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Friday, February 24, 2012

friday favorites

1. What: Wayfare: a new digital magazine celebrating the art of the journey.

Why: My dear friend Peggy contributed her gorgeous Hong Kong photos + it’ll give you a serious case of wanderlust.
2. What: Ira Glass on Storytelling
Why: Inspiring advice for creatives across the board.
Why: It’ll make you smile.
Why: Some serious style inspiration.
Why: A pictoral delight curated by a very talented chap.
6. What: T Magazine’s Snap Sketch
Why: A different way to see London Fashion Week.
7. What: A quote by Stefanie Marlis.
Why: A good reminder to be happy.
Why: They don’t make enough emerald green clothing + its name makes me want to wear it and do just that.
Why: A beautiful visual on the collaborations that have spawned today’s creative landscape.
  1. Nicole Sylianteng

    agh, i have been eyeing that skirt!

  2. peggy | bluepoolroad

    aww… thanks for the mention jess! x

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