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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

home sweet home

Working from home since the beginning of the year has certainly made me more conscious of my surroundings and how to create the most comfortable and inspiring work environment for myself. This has meant keeping things clean + to a minimum {a weekly trip to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh flowers has also gone a long way}. I love being able to work in a space that is a reflection of myself and makes me smile those few times I pick my head up from the computer throughout the day…

  1. Alice

    I seriously love seeing photos of your space. So inspiring! It’s always a struggle to keep my work space uncluttered but your pictures always motivate me to clean.

  2. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Peaceful and serene snaps – I like!

  3. Ann On and On…

    There is so much truth in that… Flowers and good smelling candles (lit or not) always make the surroundings more enjoyable to me.

  4. joyce

    Yum. Those blueberries and almonds look delicious.

  5. M.B. Captured

    You have a beautiful home! Loving your home pics.

  6. pigeon pie

    I know what you mean, I’ve become obsessed with wanting to paint everything white so I can work in a light area, nice flowers help with the brightness too :)

  7. Sara

    I love these snapshots of your home, it feels calming and cozy.

    I’ve lived in my apartment for 4 months now but am only now just getting around to decorating! This past weekend we started to purge and donate things we don’t need and it already feels leaps and bounds more comfortable and inviting.

  8. Rebecca – A Daily Something

    Your home looks so lovely. And I agree – fresh flowers do SUCH wonders at making a space comfortable and inspiring :)

  9. madewithxoxo

    Hi may I know what sort of camera do you use to produce such lovely pics? I love them all!

  10. Jenny | Aubrey Road

    love the glimpses!

  11. Jessica Comingore

    @madewithxoxo Hi there! Yes, these were all just taken with my iPhone 4 through Instagram. Some have filters, but most do not.

  12. satsuki shibuya

    your space looks sooo inviting. a serenity like the one you carry. :)

  13. The Good Taste Guide

    It’s funny because I’ve found myself taking similar snapshots at home. Yours feel so much more calmer than mine though ;)

  14. write in tights

    Those photos! Is that cheese-butter? Either way, these are dreamy.

  15. Caroline Hancox

    pretty pictures of a very pretty house!

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