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Monday, February 27, 2012

local favorite » municipal winemakers

Being a Los Angeles native {who enjoys exploring}, I decided it’d be fun to start sharing some of my favorite spots on here, whether it be around LA, or day trips beyond. I spent Saturday wandering around the desert with Krista and realized how vast + incredible this state is. I’ve lived here my whole life and still feel like I haven’t seen a quarter of it. So in attempt to get me out of my comfort zone and cover some uncharted territory, I’ll be including places to eat, shop, grab a drink, hike, hunt for vintage finds…you name it. With the help of our lovely contributor, Cara Robbins, we’re starting off with one of my favorite spots in Santa Barbara: Municipal Winemakers.
Manifesto: “Source grapes from special vineyards and draw on our experiences in Australia, California, and France to make interesting wines of the highest quality. We do this with love – carefully and slowly, using traditional techniques.”
Best For: After work drinks or a Saturday afternoon wine tasting.
Recommendation: The 2010 Grenache.
Visit: 22 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101
{Photos by Cara Robbins}
  1. Eve Cege

    loving the last image.

  2. Kylie

    oh i am excited for this! i am new to CA (los angeles area) and have so much to learn about this place. i am really going to use this :)

  3. Rebecca – A Daily Something

    Wow, what a perfectly styled winery! Love the collection of vintage items…


    So fantastic! I’ll have to check this out next time I’m in the area.

  5. Dave Potter // Municipal Winemakers

    Thanks for coming to visit!

  6. ashley

    thanks for the rec! i’ve lived near SB all my life and have never visited this spot! it’s now on my list.


    Those mugs are the bomb! I need to find out where to buy one.

  8. verysarie.com

    looking forward to more in this series! I’ve been in LA for about 1 1/2 years and feel as if I’ve only begun to scratch the surface- There’s so much here, let alone CA! These photos make me want to drive straight to municipal winemakers this weekend!

  9. Alaina Buzas

    I just spent the weekend in LA visiting my mom. She drove me up to Santa Barbara and Los Olivios for wine tasting and I made sure Municipal Winemakers was our first stop. We stayed for a while and did a wine tasting and then they gave us recommendations for other places to visit. The staff was so sweet and the white wine we had was quite honestly the only white wine I’ve ever really enjoyed. And of course before we left I bought one of those wine mugs.

    Thanks for the great recommendation!

  10. the pond

    I just read your recent post on transitioning your blog to more personal experiences and then scrolled down to see pics of Palm Springs and SB. And…i lOVE it! I’m a native Angelino too and felt exactly the same way about “re-discovering” the city a few years ago. Now I’m living in London so these posts will definitely help me stay connected until we get back there. Have you visited the Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills? Such a fun place to photograph + the best views of the city.

  11. Twiggs Claudia

    this seems to be a really nice place to visit! it’s interesting because i love in lisbon and i’m doing the same thing on my blog for over a year i think, thinking about all the european readers that come to this city and it’s curious because sometimes the ones that live here are the ones that leave their opinions/comments! :) will follow this feature, though living so far away! have a great week!

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