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Thursday, March 8, 2012

in transition

Being fresh into the freelance game, I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to myself, my brand, and what direction I would like to take things. Without really saying anything, I’ve nixed the ‘Destined to Design’ name from my web presence and have transitioned to simply ‘Jessica Comingore’. This blog has come a long way since I began it as a way to archive my inspiration five years ago, but truth be told, I never wanted to start a ‘Destined to Design’ company, I wanted to grow myself as a designer.

In moving past that label, I’ve also come to consider how this blog plays into what I am doing now. Once a place for writing about new artists, designers, places and product I admire, I am lately feeling a very strong desire to create more original content, as that is what I am drawn to most about other blogs. Do I want to be a “blogger”, or do I want to focus on honing my skills as a creative? I feel like now-a-days there are so many quicker + easier ways to post about product, designers and interiors I like {Pinterest being one of them} that it seems a bit silly to continue doing that here. I’ve never had ambitions to make money through blogging, and I think I’d prefer to use this as a forum to speak about my personal experiences in starting my own business, what I surround myself with, where I like to explore — aspects that speak to my process and expertise versus miscellaneous clippings from the web.
I think it can be a bit hard to keep up with all things social media and run a successful creative business where you’re finding time to be inspired, research, grow and at some point, relax and be alone. I’m most certainly at a crossroads, which brings me to my reason for writing this: why do you stop by here? Whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, what brings you back or what do you find most interesting to read about? I get a lot of e-mails asking about how I began, what my background is, how I transitioned into freelancing, and what advice I can give for those desiring a career change, which makes me think that many may enjoy more insight in to that aspect of things. Do you come here to find out about new designers, photographers, artists + product? Or would you prefer to see more peeks into my work space, things I’ve picked up at the flea market, photos of places I’ve been, my design process? Would love to hear your thoughts. And thanks so much for taking the time to read this…I know I don’t get wordy too often, but sometimes I think change is good.

{Photo by Daniel Seung Lee}
  1. jrschoen

    I love your eye and sense of style. I enjoy posts about fashion and home products but I also love posts that share more of your thoughts and experiences. I liked the sneak peak into your home from a few weeks ago and it would be fun to see more of your studio and day to day experiences. You have a really wonderful sense of design!

  2. Alice

    I really enjoy both your personal original posts and your round ups of products you like. You have a wonderful clean aesthetic that is soothing to the eyes. That said, I’d definitely welcome more posts about your background and how you got where you are!

  3. Daniella

    I’d love to see more “daily life” type posts and how you’re transitioning (as you already know, lol)… but I do really love your unique finds, and now that i’m seeing more of that over on Kinfolk Journal it’d be great to see more personal stuff here.

    I felt the same way about blogging a while back, that’s why I switched blogs actually and started posting more of my own content. Some days it’s just a little rambling, but it feels much more authentic for me now.

  4. breanna rose

    this is EXACTLY what i’m going through right now. my blog does not have my name, but as i grow as a freelance designer, i’m becoming confused at how i want to fuse ME with the blog. it was refreshing to read this and i’m facing the exact same thing right now. let’s do this lady!! bre from moxee.

  5. Rebecca – A Daily Something

    I definitely stop by for glimpses of your life and work. Love your thrifting//flea finds. I agree with Daniella – the Kinfolk journal gives us a great peek into your discoveries – designers, artists, restaurants, etc. – and I love seeing more personal posts on your blog :)

  6. Becca – {extra}ordinary wonders

    I’m a pretty recent reader, but added you to my google reader because I liked the mix of what you post. I enjoy seeing artists/photographers/product but also love the posts that are a bit more personal. I’ve recently started blogging and am feeling my way through what I want my blog to be about and what it’s purpose is. I’m sure it will evolve as yours is as well.

  7. strataflora.com

    Thanks for sharing this, Jessica! I haven’t gone completely freelance yet, but am working towards it, and I’ve been feeling the same pull to show more of my own work on my blog as opposed to others’ artistic endeavors. I for one would love to see more of your design process and hear about how you made the transition to freelance. You have such a wonderful aesthetic and eye for design, that I enjoy everything you post, whether it’s about yourself or others…but I’d definitely be excited to see more peeks into your life! It’s good to evolve and grow; I think that’s the nature of blogging…and life in general, of course. :)

  8. piecurious.ca

    To be honest, I do not know much about designers, artists, products, etc. I don’t follow fashion or design trends. I come here because I like what I see and how it is presented. In other words – for your creativity. I would love to see glimpses into your work space, design process, etc. I found it interesting, though, the juxtaposition you made between being a “blogger” and honing skills as a creative. Can they not be one and the same?

  9. kid collective

    Love it all. I was talking with Jennifer (from I Art U) about this just this week, I feel the exact same way. I’m striving for original only content on my blog and keeping it more for me. I love what you do already and anything original you decide to share will be the icing on the cake.

  10. Eve Cege

    I understand everything you say, i´m in that place right now, freelance life,my house is my work and everyday i working very hard creating new things for sacar a flote mi barco.
    me encantatú blog, espero ser un día la invitada en uno de tus post fantasticos!
    mucha suerte.
    ps: escribo en castellano, porque es más facil para mí en inglés algunas frases en inglés aún me cuestan :)

  11. Special Scout

    I’m so happy you wrote this. Thank you for sharing your honest senses about this very common experience. I love your blog and the way you present everything. The most intriguing for me is your own creations and design, insights into your life and thinking about things. In a world of blogs, the unique element behind your blog is really you.

  12. Lady Day

    Hello Jessica
    I love what you shared today and it’s pretty fantastic to read through the comments and realize that we, as creative beings, are all finding our way through being inspired and expressing what that inspiration means for us. I love how consistent your style is, your coveting posts, your music mixes and getting to glimpse into your real life. Your brand features aren’t exactly my favorite posts but the way you present them falls in line beautifully with the rest of your aesthetic. I too have struggled with this from the very beginning of blogging. Product trend blogs are some of my favorite blogs to read (and seem like the easiest way to post consistently) in my down-time, but if I make a personal connection with a blogger, am inspired by how they translate inspiration into their daily lives and get to follow along on their journey as a creative, I find myself crossing my fingers that they will continue to share their life and insight with me. Thanks for sharing Jessica xx

  13. Ella

    Hi Jessica! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think a lot of people, myself included, can relate to the constant re-assessment of their blog.
    I come to your blog because you have such a distinct aesthetic which I really love. Whether you’re posting interiors or music or whatever, it all reads very cohesively. I’d be VERY interseted in seeing more of your own work. However, I’m not adverse to hearing about the work of others either. I think it still speaks volumes about your brand. I actually had a client ask to work with me based solely on my Pinterest boards & blog. I think these things show your vision & direction. I also think it’s nice to reflect on things for longer on a blog than glossing over an image on a Pinterest feed.
    So what I guess I’m saying is post whatever you want. So long as it comes from your great eye, I’ll definitely be hanging around!

  14. Patricia Ann

    I believe I’m also at the same crossroads as you are. I have had my blog for more than 3 years now and yet I haven’t been consistent with it because every time I feel that most of what I post are just of my inspirations. As you said, with other “micro blogging” tools such as Tumblr to house these said inspirations, I often find that when my site is solely a vehicle for inspiration, it’s almost redundant, pointless and ironically just uninspiring for me to want to be a part of it.

    What I do know is that I want my blog to be more personal than how it is now. Although I too am a graphic designer, I don’t want my blog to be completely about that either. I want it to cover a whole range of subjects that interest me but make it more personal in the way I share it with others besides the message being, “I find this pretty”.

    I have to be honest that I am not always a constant reader of your blog since some of what you post I have seen in others. Don’t take that as an offense, as my blog is currently structured the same way. However, when I do come by, it’s always for the mix tapes, sneak peak of your environment or recipes. I think a part of why my blog is uninspiring to me is because most of the photos/content that I quote about aren’t mine. I believe that for any blog to be captivate my attention, personality through their personal lives is a must.

  15. in dreams

    i absolutely love your photos (esp. interiors), so i’m definitely up for you throwing more of those up here! i know what you mean about your creative side needing more freedom (though i don’t have a pintrest – i worry about linking back to the original creator too much). i’d love to hear more on your background, and starting a small business/keeping it running, as i’ll be doing that myself next month! :)

    also, i really love the photo you chose for this post. i think it suits it perfectly!

  16. Luisa Brimble

    featuring original content i believe allows you to explore your creativity. it will force you to constantly think of material to feature. as everyone already mentioned you curate unique items and already feature it in Kinfolk Journal and also you can use your twitter for it. when i studied graphic design fascinates me is the creative process. making your personal blog as you creates your personal brand. again though regardless of what you post i always visit your blog on regular basis to check out what’s new. your blog is definitely very refreshing and really love the white space and aesthetics.

  17. Camille / Modern Mix

    Hi Jessica,

    Camille here, @msmodernmix on Twitter.

    I always stop by here in hopes of getting a peak into your life as a designer. I’m really attracted to your design aesthetic, and things you find inspiring.

    I think the transition that you’re thinking about it is needed and would serve you well. I’d love for you to blog more about your lifestyle, your process as a design freelancer, places you’ve been to, and etc.

    So glad (and inspired) that you’re embarking on a new journey and that you’re willing to share that with us.

  18. Camille / Modern Mix

    Hi Jessica,

    Camille here, @msmodernmix on Twitter.

    I always stop by here in hopes of getting a peak into your life as a designer. I’m really attracted to your design aesthetic, and things you find inspiring.

    I think the transition that you’re thinking about it is needed and would serve you well. I’d love for you to blog more about your lifestyle, your process as a design freelancer, places you’ve been to, and etc.

    So glad (and inspired) that you’re embarking on a new journey and that you’re willing to share that with us.

  19. Shauna Nep

    I’m pretty new to your blog, and I’m so glad I found it (gotta love Dabito and his perfect lil’ parties). I come here again and again because I love your style, and your aesthetic. It’s simple, and you have great taste. Because I love your design aesthetic, and I’d be really interested to learn more about your life, your craft, your design process. All of these things are obviously incredibly personal, so it’s good to have a good think about whether or not that’s what you want. I’d absolutely love that!

  20. jenika

    honestly, i come to your blog for relief. your taste is simply divine. true, fresh, easy and classic. i love that you share links but i don’t even click on them because i’m so content to just visually absorb the beauty that you find in things at face value. everything is so thoughtfully and naturally presented. your blog is an avenue that leads me to inspiration without getting stressed out, if that makes any sense at all. you leave an impression.

    whatever direction you choose to go, i’m pretty sure i’ll be happy to follow. you do great things and your work just keeps getting better and better.

    all my love, little jib, so glad to know ya :)

  21. paper and type

    hello miss!

    i always appreciate you diving deep & sharing your finds. your calm & reflective posts (such as this one) are my favorites, i think because they remind me to pause & to observe myself & how i’ve been going about things, & to face the questions/fears i’ve been avoiding!

    in addition to that, i love seeing what you’ve been up to (you’ve got your hands on so many sorts of projects – i’m always curious about the different hats you wear & your work process) & what interests you (there’s always something – book/image/room/shoes – new, but all still speak to your style) & i look forward to your music mixes (i tune in when i’m working from the office computer during the week).

    whatever you feel like sharing, i’m here in your audience!

  22. DENISE.

    Hi! I think you have such a great eye and such a refined look at things. You definitely have a creative, artsy edge that I’m personally drawn to. It’s really refreshing to see when my RSS feed is filled with so much of the same stuff. Yours pops out as different. And I find that very inspiring! I also like that we are sorta the same … but different. HA! I’m also a photographer (although we shoot different things) and my hobby is writing my other blog. So I always like to see how girls who are similar to me are living their life. I hope you just follow your heart and do what you love :)

  23. Mariella

    Jessica, I am a relatively “new”visitor. What I love in your blog is the right balance between your pictures and the “non personal “posts. I think sometimes is not so much about what you share but how you share it and you do it in a way that is obviously and consistently coherent with your style and estethic. This surely stands out and it’s not easy to achieve. Having said that, I totally understand your desire to use the blog as a platform to share your own work, I personally support the choice and really can’t wait to see more of your pictures and read more about your personal experiences and creative process.It would be so interesting

  24. Happenstance

    I love seeing your product picks, designers, home interiors/ideas, playlists, graphics on here. The difference between seeing that stuff here than on Pinterest is that this is your home, not Pinterest. It’s clean and simple here. Pinterest is almost like going to a very overwhelming museum (albeit fun) but it’s not as personal as it is here. If that makes any sense at all.


    Jessica, you’re an incredibly talented, visual artist with exquisite taste. I would love to see more of your work, your photos, your designs, your style, essentially anything and everything you touch. I also really enjoy your product roundups, artists and mixtapes. It’s tricky finding a nice balance but I’m sure whatever you dab in, it’ll be be beautiful and delicious.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see you this weekend! What are you wearing? Eeeeeee! :D

  26. Stitch and Hammer

    Jessica, As much as I love your blog for the inspiration you post, I prefer when a blog speaks more to their ideas and original content. I believe blogs are shifting from found inspiration to creative projects that inspire others. When I began my blog I was tempted to use it as a platform for items I found on the internet. I quickly realized I rarely posted. When I asked myself what it was I wanted to achieve, the answer was there right in front of me: To be creative.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I look forward to upcoming posts and happy travels!

  27. Krissy B

    Add me to the growing list of people going through a similar transition phase. In a world where personal branding is on the rise, I think we’re all starting to re-evaluate what our blog says about us and our “brand”, if you will. I struggled with finding the right fit for my long-established blog and where I wanted to go with it in the future. Like you brought up – there are so many ways to share inspiration now with Pinterest constantly growing, and for a lot of us, the inspiration is only that – the inspiration behind us. We’re all creatives and we want to share our unique and individual outlook. My solution (after debating it for probably close to a year) was two blogs. Maybe that’s crazy by some people’s standards (and as I’m starting to feel the crunch of my final year of university, I’m wondering what kind of nutter I am for getting myself into this ;) . But I think it works for me. My inspiration blog is still alive and it’s truly that, my inspiration. And then my personal blog which I’ve named after myself.

    This is getting very long-winded. In any case, I adore your blog and no matter where you choose to go with it, I will follow. I love seeing glimpses into your daily life and would love to hear more about your freelancing adventures.

    Best wishes.

  28. Jennifer Young

    I was wanting to chat about this when I saw you but it slipped my mind. Loving the new direction that you’re heading and looking forward to getting more peeks into your life, work, processes, etc.! Hoping that you’ll still be doing roundups like “currently coveting” though! :) You have such good style/taste and a refined eye for curating and designing layouts and I feel they represent you so well as an artist and a designer. Cheers to change! See you very soon. :)

  29. Soyoung

    Long time lurker here… I’ve always loved your blog (all types of posts) for your style, taste, and the overall aesthetic. As much as I really enjoy what you currently post, I am also very excited to see more of your personal design process. Maybe a mix of both would be nice, with the emphasis being on your own work/space/etc.?

    I love design, and have committed myself to explore more of my artistic/creative side (my day job is quite different), and I would really love to learn more about your journey as a designer.

  30. another feather

    I am so excited about reading more about your personal experiences and creations! I love that sort of originality on a blog. Love the direction you are going in, and so happy to read along!

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