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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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After reading and re-reading all of your kind responses to my post last week {and hearing a few friends grappling with something similar} I’ve decided to follow my gut and take a more genuine and thoughtful approach to the content on here. Thought I’d start off with a few vignettes around my studio that I’ve put together with some recent flea market finds.
On a somewhat related note, I watched Bill Cunningham New York this weekend and was really moved by his passion. Such a fascinating character, and so married to his craft. It definitely put a spotlight on how little separation there is between work and life for creatives sometimes.
I’m headed out of town for the rest of the week to one of my favorite California cities, but I’ll have lots to share upon my return. Until then…!
  1. Alice

    Ah! I finally hunkered down to watch the Bill Cunningham doc this weekend too. I really didn’t know anything about his character so it was quite an eye-opener. I was very moved as well.

    I’d recommend the Frank Lloyd Wright documentary if you haven’t seen that yet. I had no idea there was so much tragedy in his life!

  2. in dreams

    looks good! :) have a great trip…

  3. Eve Cege

    yes i like your chair with that combinations of materials.

  4. Stitch and Hammer

    Love the chair with the pillow and shearling. Perfect!

    Alice- I will have to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Doc. Sounds interesting!

  5. Emmy Kastner

    So nice, Jessica! I love that Rifle Paper Co. print. I have it too!

  6. joyce

    Looking forward to your “new” blog! Your last few posts had got me thinking and I hope to create more genuine and thoughtful content on my blog as well. Thanks for the inspiration/reminder and have a fun trip!

  7. Ella

    How exciting! I’m looking forward to watching your blog change direction.

    Oh Bill….how I love you. Isn’t he just the most amazing person? Such genuine unpretentious passion for fashion and style. It’s incredible how he remains so grounded, seemingly without the active intention to be so. I completely adored him in that film. I’d say it was one of my favourite films of 2011.

  8. satsuki shibuya

    what wonderful news! :) so so happy to hear your decision & looking forward to what you’ll be sharing here. have a wonderful trip & hope to be able to connect with you soon!

  9. elissabraun

    i just watched that over the weekend too! i thought bill was fabulous and his friends were so entertaining as well. loved seeing his neighbor do the swan dance.

  10. Shauna Nep

    That’s awesome! Excited for your journey ahead.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the Bill Cunningham film… I never saw it and am now inspired to finally watch!

  11. Leela Cyd

    love these windows into your lovely space. what a wonderful collection of objets d’art you have.

  12. HomeCollection.

    Oh this is beautiful !

  13. Anna @ IHOD

    Just found you via I ART U and I am smitten.
    I especially love blogs with original content so I will be following!

  14. another feather

    love these images! I’ve been wanting to watch that Bill Cunningham film as well, so glad to hear it is inspiring!

  15. Hilary Inspired

    I meant to post a comment on your post last week, Jessica, but somehow it passed me by. I just wanted to commend your thoughtfulness, courage, and interest in more original content. I made the same decision last Spring and feel so much more inspired and energized to share with my readers every week… I think you will too!!

    I really can’t wait to see all the beautiful things I’m sure you will create for us here on your blog! Today’s post is a wonderful start.

  16. Ally Ann

    I loved that documentary. I felt like Bill is probably the sweetest thing ever.
    Also I love that hat illustration, and I think probably your wood floors. So dark!

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