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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

olivia te cuida

It seems like forever ago now, but when I went to Spain last fall, my dear friend Stephanie and I collaborated on a little feature for Kinfolk that is in the third volume, out today. I stayed with Steph in Madrid and every day when she went to work she would leave me a little note on the breakfast table scribbled with names and maps of places I should explore before we were to meet up later in the evening. We’ve always had similar tastes, so I never doubted that she would point me in the right direction.

Since the day I got there she was telling me about her favorite restaurant in the city that I had to visit, Olivia te Cuida. She called and made me a reservation for lunch and I walked in to the tiny eatery on Santa Teresa with a book and enjoyed one of the most memorable meals of my lifetime. Everything about the place spoke to me, from the small size and the friendly staff, to the minimal decor and the farm fresh plates. After going on and on {and on} about how much I loved it, we reached out to them to do a little interview. They opened up shop for us on a Saturday morning, whipped up some plates in their cozy kitchen, and I snapped away while Steph interviewed the owner, Esther, and her sister, Marian, in Spanish. So here are a few outtakes from that day, and a cheers to more collaborations with good friends.
Get your copy here.
  1. jacquelynnicole

    Funnily enough, I was JUST reminiscing about my trip to Barcelona over New Years. I have such the travel bug as we speak!

    I always love visiting people in far away places. Those trips are always so much more memorable! Getting the inside scoop never hurts either

  2. Caitlin

    Can’t wait to get my copy of Kinfolk! I’m so anxious waiting for it :)

  3. Eve Cege

    yeah so delicious ;)

  4. annie

    This is my favorite kind of spot…what a wonderful find. I love the simplicity of it all and the warmth of the little place…the meal looks divine.

    I live in Southern California where one would think would be filled with places like this up and down the coast and yet for whatever reason there are not as many as you would think. You know the saying that you can tell a man by his shoes…well I think the same is true about cafe and chairs. They make such a difference to the “feel” of a little place. If the chairs are right, chances are all the other details are there too.

  5. Colleen / Inspired to Share

    This sounds so magical!! Lovely photos!

  6. bakeanything.com

    A lovely piece of humble food and people. Definitely one of my favorites in the 3rd volume!

  7. Ally Ann

    what great fun for you and your friend! i ordered my copy a couple days ago so i can’t wait to read your little article

  8. ashley

    these were some of my favorite photos! looks so beautiful and tasty

  9. a m o u r e t t e


  10. Silk and Whiskey

    Oh, fabulous images. I’d love to go back to Spain again. It’s been a quite while since my last visit.

  11. IRENE

    I am from Madrid and i have never been here before, thanks for the post!
    Love your blog!

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