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Monday, April 2, 2012

giveaway: terttulla ceramics

Excited to be hosting a little giveaway today for a new sponsor on board here, Terttulla Ceramics. This reclaimed walnut lidded bowl is right up my alley — hand-thrown stoneware made with a sandy dark brown clay and a glazed waxy white on the inside. The lid is fitted to the bowl and finished with an organic bees wax and olive oil mix. The piece measures 4.5″ wide and 2.5″ tall, and has been highfired so it can be dishwashed and microwaved. Perfect for storing jewelry, matchbooks, coins…you name it.

To enter, visit the Terttulla shop + leave a comment here with an e-mail address that you can be reached at. I’ll announce a winner on Friday morning + you can also enjoy free shipping while shopping any of the lovely pieces in the store by using the coupon code “COMINGOREFREESHIP”. Good luck + a warm welcome to Terttulla!
*Giveaway open to domestic readers only.

UPDATE: Congrats to Elissa {#15} for being the lucky winner of the giveaway! Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to enter.
  1. Alice

    Oh this is beautiful! Would love to win. :D

  2. Danielle

    Oh this is so gorgeous!

  3. k.

    This is great!

  4. Kristina

    this is so pretty!

  5. Joanna

    LOVE the little splattered plate. great hint on color.

  6. Ciara

    So simple and beautiful. Right up my alley!

  7. lilyknits

    So lovely!

  8. Emmy Kastner

    I love everything! That wood bowl with a lid! The nesting creamers! Excited to find a new & beautiful shop!


  9. rath

    I love the pink wood lidded bowl!

  10. KC

    Oooh, loving their stuff, especially the brightly painted insides on some of the bowls. Everything is very simple and natural, with a kick – just my taste :)


  11. SARAH

    What a handsome little thing! no spaces: s a s u k s i r i [at] gmail dot com

  12. Pam

    I always love to find new Etsy stores! What a lovely piece.

  13. elissabraun

    great giveaway. the color of the wood is beautiful. i think it would be a perfect piece right on my bedside table.
    elissabraun [at] gmail.com

  14. kid collective

    Beautiful pieces. Sign me up!

  15. Jessica

    How beautiful! I would love to have some of those in my kitchen!

  16. Jenn

    Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. christine chang

    you always have great taste! what a great piece for a giveaway :)

  18. Irene

    Oh, this is such a beautiful giveaway. Thank you and happy spring :)
    norrlandsguldtjej (at) gmail.com

  19. Allison

    Wow, what a lovely piece.

  20. jacquelynnicole

    beautiful giveaway! Thank you!

  21. Jennifer Young

    What perfection! Was checking out their goods yesterday via their ad on your blog..sooo beautiful. iartu.jennifer(at)gmail(dot)com. :)

  22. Maddy Porter

    Awesome! So many things I could use these for!

  23. Ryan

    How gorgeous! (And out of my price range, usually!) I can be reached at anneryanburkhardt (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. jrschoen

    Wow I love these pieces!!!!!

  25. by BUN

    These are so cute! I just broke my little ‘bedside bowl’ where I put my little ‘this and that’ stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!


    xoxo rox.

  26. Janelle// the style eater

    wow – love this! everything is so gorgeous in their etsy store as well. thestyleeater[at]gmail[dot]com

  27. Rosanne

    Wow. I have never seen anything like that. I also love the ones with the pink interior on their etsy shop. Beautiful!



  28. Sara

    Holy cow this is beautiful. I really need this.

  29. sarah_tea

    These are amazing!!! They’d make great gifts.

  30. MK

    Walnut! My favorite wood! Swoon-worthy gem of a bowl. Thanks for sharing! (meg.l.kali@gmail.com)

  31. Soyoung

    I’m happy to have discovered Terttulla through this post! They have some really beautiful items. soyoungo [at] gmail [dot] com

  32. Anna C

    beautiful. would make great hostess gifts!!

  33. in dreams

    those are all so sweet! and holycow do i ever love the pink bowl she’s got there… thanks for the find! :)

  34. sustainabledesignerjewelry

    Gorgeous! Looks like I’ve got a great new shop in my Etsy circle : ) Please add lesliekfong@gmail.com to the running.


    Leslie Fong

  35. kelleramsey

    I love all of their little creations!
    kelleramsey [at] gmail [dot] com

  36. ashley

    love all their products!! especially the hand-thrown egg cups. so cute.

  37. Katherine

    Wow, leave their ceramics. Beautiful simple designs with a nice pop of color. Also, love the combination of the wood and ceramic.

  38. Alyssa

    So sweet! The pitchers are also awesome. bestthatIknowof [at] gmail

  39. Rachel

    so beautiful and rustic. i hope i win!

  40. Danielle Landy

    simplistic design and universal.

  41. keri

    lovely! everything is beautiful! :)

  42. Lea

    beautiful! lea (at) hellolark.com

  43. Nicole Franzen// La Buena Vida

    gorgeous!! love giveaways :) I dont think you’ve been to mine! xx N

  44. caroline

    Trettulla’s work is gorgeous! Thanks so much.


    Everything in her shop is so gorgeous! I’d love a kitchen stocked with her pieces.

  46. Gem

    beautiful and simple….

  47. Helen

    I love the colors inside the bowls and the lid makes the bowls multitaskers!

    tingtingng at gmail.com

  48. Yvonne

    lovely. montoya.y {at} gmail.com

  49. Lovejoy

    Beautiful wabi sabi.

    bria (@) letrainbleu.com

  50. another feather

    Seriously her work is incredible! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it til now. Love love this little bowl.


    The Pink Bowl is so adorable! Would be very cute to store all my little baubles. :)



  52. Kayla

    Forgot my email address (whoops!):
    Kayla.king13 (at) gmail (dot) com

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