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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. Mittens / 2. Sweater / 3. Boots / 4. Chair / 5. Earrings / 6. Washi Tape / 7. Pouch / 8. Ye Rin Mok’s 28 Pictures / 9. Hand Cream

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new social media platform that was launching called Luvocracy. I’m not too much of a consumer these days (or as involved in social media as I should be), but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of sharing what I love, admire, or am inspired by at the moment with an online audience. Whether it be this blog, on Pinterest, through Twitter, or elsewhere — the idea of connecting through a mutual admiration for art and design has ended up introducing me to a lot of inspiring people (many of whom I can now call friends) over the past five years. Without going on too much of a tangent, the concept behind Luvocracy resonated with me enough to jump on board, namely in the sense that there isn’t any loss of authenticity.

While I like the idea of archiving images for projects or inspiration on Pinterest, Luvocracy is solely a consumer site and essentially allows you to curate your own storefront from anything available to purchase on the web. Without being restricted by certain brands or companies, you’re able to authentically recommend things that you yourself would buy (much like the Currently Coveting posts I’ve been putting together for the past few years). Whether it be your go-to items to stock your home office, or that perfect t-shirt you buy in bulk, it’s a great place to find product in just about any category, from those who’s taste you love and trust. There’s also the added bonus of making a bit of a commission when anything is purchased off of your boards, which goes for anyone who signs up, not just a select few.

I’ve been having fun uploading some products (even music and books) that I personally recommend or would love to get my hands on. There are some great tastemakers on the site so far, with vastly different aesthetics, so there oughta be a little something for everyone. It is currently by invite only, but you can request an invitation here, and take a look around. I don’t foresee flooding my boards with product, but when I do add something, it’ll likely be from a designer I love, artist I’m inspired by, or shop I’d like to support. So in essence, if you like what you see here, I’ll be doing the same over there. Cheers!

  1. Cole Bentz

    This is an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    P.S. I love pouches from Rennes Handmade as well.

  2. Jo

    I like the sound of this very much – it’s like you say, more authentic. It’s achievable goods/images that you can purchase, not the idealised world that Pinterest can sometimes become! It reminds me a bit of Nuji – have you seen it? You probably have, but if not: http://www.nuji.com/

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