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Monday, November 19, 2012


Playing around with some afternoon light in my apartment one evening last week. I like how abstract these snaps came out and thought I’d share. That’s all.

Happy Monday!

  1. Priscilla

    Love those shots! Fujifilm instaxs are great!

  2. Janice // twoaftertwenty

    These are really, really cool. I never thought to use my Instax this way! :)

  3. beeofdesign

    beautiful. Was this on your phone? It’s so fun just to play.

  4. in dreams

    ooh, these shots + looking through my old polaroids this morning (for a friend’s project) = i want to shoot more instant film!! i miss the good ol days of polaroid…but maybe it’s time i go for the (colour-stable) instax now…hmm…

  5. Luisa Brimble

    so good Jessica!!!

  6. Jo

    I know I already said it over Twitter, but I am still loving these!

  7. satsuki shibuya

    you have such a great eye! amazing.

  8. bubblegumhearts

    all of these are so gorgeous!

  9. catchmeifyoufran

    top middle gives me goosebumps…

  10. Erin Campbell

    So pretty! These would look so cool on a gallery wall!


  11. Caiytlin Perry

    Creative shots! I’ve also tried playing around with some afternoon light in my apartment at manila real estate. I can’t wait to upload my photos!

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