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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. A new book of Luigi Ghirri’s prints.
2. Jennilee’s Instagram feed.
3. Selected letterpress works of Karel Martens.
4. The launch of Brian Ferry’s print shop.
5. Fashion designer, Nanna van Blaaderen.
6. House A by Autori.
7. Travel drawings by Brian Rea.
8. Been making this salad on a weekly basis.
9. This vase by Robin Welch.

The year is finally starting to slow down over here {knock on wood} and I’ve been shifting my focus to prepare for the next. On the to-do list? That website and rebrand I mentioned a few months back. Locking myself indoors this weekend in hopes of making a sizable dent. Though I will be sneaking out to go support a handful of friends at Unique LA {if you’re in the area, you should too!}.

  1. Luisa Brimble

    Brian Rea’s travel drawings = awesome!

  2. Michelle

    Such a great round up. I love that vase so hard!

  3. matimuk

    love your favourites.. .ti

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