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Monday, November 12, 2012

New Digs

Now that all the boxes are gone, I’ve been settling in to my new place and quite liking it. Namely the light bouncing off of every surface in the morning; certainly not used to having so many windows to peer out of! It feels a bit like living in a tree house. Took a few snaps this morning when I woke up — I’ve yet to hang anything on the walls, but thinking I’ll keep them bare for a while. This dining area is my favorite little nook at the moment (getting used to the idea of eating somewhere that isn’t my desk).

More soon!

  1. paper and type

    so you: just beautiful.

  2. JM Boyes


  3. Janice // twoaftertwenty

    Your new home looks absolutely perfect!

  4. in dreams

    ohhh, that window… <3

  5. Alexandra

    Looks lovely!


  6. Caitlin @ Sacramento Street

    It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see more images. So happy you are loving the new place. Miss ya!

  7. Suzanna

    This is gorgeous.

  8. Amy Moore

    that little arched window is perfect!

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