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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A (Last Minute) Holiday Gift Guide

For my fellow procrastinators, I thought I’d throw together an {incredibly last minute} holiday gift guide for you. I haven’t even started shopping yet and the idea of stepping foot outside and into this traffic is makin’ my head hurt. People still like hugs for Christmas, right?

1st Row: For Your Foodie Mom
1. Cutting Board / 2. Orlando Recipe Journal / 3. Brass Pepper Mill

2nd Row: For Your Fashionable Best Friend
4. Vintage Glasses / 5. Singlet / 6. Tapestry Loafers

3rd Row: For Your Impossible-To-Shop-For Dad
7. Labour and Wait Calendar / 8. Folding Knife / 9. Bob Dylan Record

4th Row: For You {if you’re anything like me and end up shopping for yourself too}
10. Poncho / 11. Terra Cotta Cups / 12. Drawstring Purse

  1. Priscilla

    Lovely guide – really digging the neutral tones plus the deep sea green poncho ~ my favorites are number 4 and 5!

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