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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Currently Coveting

1. Scarf / 2. Jacket / 3. Bag / 4. Vest / 5. Earrings / 6. Socks / 7. Boots / 8. Skirt / 9. T-Shirt

I decided last minute to go to the Rose Bowl on Sunday and stumbled upon a booth that I’ve managed to skip for the past 15+ years I’ve been visiting. It was filled with the most perfect selection of vintage clothing and accessories, all in this sort of Annie Oakley-esque vein — total jackpot. I only walked away with a cozy old Ralph Lauren sweater, but looking forward to revisiting next month to peruse her lace-up boots, leather satchels, wool ponchos and flowy floral dresses. I’ll make sure to jot down her booth number for those of you who are local and interested!

  1. in dreams

    ohh, dangerous! i’ve been stopping myself from shopping lately, too, but it’s too hard to pass up those perfect things, isn’t it? (though, my weakness for germany pottery is starting to eat into my clothing budget, so maybe it’s a good thing i’m up here instead…)

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  3. Latrina McNeill

    I am never in the city when the Rose Bowl is happening. I can not wait to check it out some day… your wardrobe looks absolutely stunning. Love the color combinations!

  4. sweet harvest moon

    One of each, please! Beautiful items!

  5. Kate

    That jacket is sooo good. I just bought a leather jacket but now I need that one, too.

  6. paper and type

    you know i love that scarf. & those socks — like little knit sweaters for your feet.


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