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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

1. Sokokashiko pottery gallery in Mashiko, Japan.
2. These ‘Streetcombing‘ still lifes by Margo Maria Weijer.
3. Wunderamestal National Park by Ricardo Rodrigues.
4. On the wish list: Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (Of Sorts).
5. Saiman Chow’s ink on paper work.
6. Oscar Niemeyer captured by Martien Mulder.
7. Some fun branding for Sweet Greek by Studio Brave.
8. The colors in Barbara Casasola’s Summer 2013 collection.
9. This recipe for the thinnest {and most delicious} oatmeal cookies.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope your New Year is off to a splendid start…

  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    I am loving that Sweet Greek branding!

  2. Stephanie Billings

    Love the branding by Studio Brave! Happy (Belated) Friday!

  3. thecitygourmand

    I’ve had my eye on that Polpo cookbook for ages. The binding is quite unusual, and beautiful

    • Jessica Comingore

      Can’t wait to check it out in person…

  4. agnes szucs

    Lovely finds! I especially like no.2, 5 and 8!


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