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Monday, January 21, 2013

Home, Lately

I’ve been trying my best to start each day eating breakfast with a book instead of my computer screen, and so far it’s been quite nice. I’ve come to find this little corner in my place to be my favorite spot. The light comes through the window in the most beautiful patterns, no matter what the time of day. I’ve been wanting to shoot more interiors in black and white lately and was inspired to do so before diving into my to-do list this morning…

+ The new(ish) Andrew Bird album streaming here.
+ Back issues of 3191 Quarterly from the local bookstore.

  1. John Liwag

    Procrasti-working at its finest. Definitely a fan of getting inspired in the moment, and pushing my to-do list aside. :)

    • Jessica Comingore

      Procrasti-working — I like it! ;)

  2. in dreams

    mmm, that looks lovely. in fact, the whole idea sounds lovely – mind if i borrow it? i’m always rushing through my breakfast, so this might ready me for my day a bit better… :)

    • Jessica Comingore

      Most definitely. :)

  3. erica-knits

    I’m terrible at stopping to eat breakfast. I’m usually on the run or at my desk already. These black and white shots are very inspiring. I’ve been thinking about putting a roll of black and white film in, I think I will now.

  4. Joy

    love the light in the photos. its so bad how im glued to the screen 24/7.

  5. Cole Bentz

    Beautiful photographs. And tomorrow I’ll plan to listen to the Andrew Bird link that you shared.

  6. Ally Ann

    it’s always satisfying to create new fulfilling habits. i’ve been working on it as well.

  7. Nomadic D.

    Lovely photos! I have been wanting to do this myself lately, somehow set the tone for my day in an analogue way instead of plunking myself down in front of the computer with my coffee. Have you noticed a change in your energy and how you approach your day? Also, I am a recent fan of Andrew Bird myself, so good. And one last thing (so verbose, sorry!), I just found my way over here via sfgirlbybay and I am definitely sticking around. You have a really beautiful little space here, and I just wanted to let you know!


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