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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

happy new year

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic saying goodbye to 2013, though I also love change and the opportunity to start anew. This past year has been filled with an abundance of travel, love, self-discovery, and growth (as I imagine all years in your 20′s tend to be) and I’ll be heading into 2014 with many fond memories.

This year, I got to see Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Big Sur, San Francisco, Monterey, Miami, Palm Springs, Carmel, Mammoth, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, and Ojai. I got to be close to family that lives far away, work in cities I’ve never been to, photograph people and spaces that inspired me, host my first workshop in front of a crowd of strangers, launch a new website, see my work in print, move into an office space, discover parts of Los Angeles I never knew existed, make new friends and old friendships stronger, and celebrate what a gift life can be.

I went on a hike at sunrise the other morning with the goal of making a list of New Year’s resolutions. I ran through the things that end up on my list every year — be healthier, save more money, grow my business, take more risks… and then it dawned on me that I don’t necessarily need more, better, greater than what life is at this moment. At the end of the day, happiness is all I strive for. My 2014 resolution list now reads: choose happiness, stay curious.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a safe and joyous time ringing in 2014. I feel it’s going to be a good one.

  1. vv

    i love all of these thoughts. inspiring and comforting, sincere and just right for now (and tomorrow). thank you, and lots of love to you <3

    • Jessica Comingore

      Lots of love to you too, VV! xo

  2. Jennifer

    <3 love this. cheers to a 2014 filled with lots of happiness.

    • Jessica Comingore

      You too, Jen! Looking forward to seeing what adventures the new year brings you. :)

  3. satsuki shibuya

    i think your new years ‘resolution’ is all encompassing — simple is always the clearest & helps keep one the most conscious. thank you for the gentle reminder to remember life’s beautiful moments. xx

    • Jessica Comingore

      Happiest New Year to you, SS! xo

  4. Anelise Salvo

    Love, love your simplistic, meaningful 2014 resolution. Happy New Year!

    • Jessica Comingore

      So glad to hear it resonated. Happy New Year to you too, Anelise! :)

  5. Sweet Harvest Moon

    Happy 2014!

    • Jessica Comingore

      Happy New Year! :)

  6. Claudia MacPherson

    Hi Jessica! I really loved this. “Choose happiness, stay curious,” also ring so true to my heart. I would love to send some snail mail your way this year. ^_^ Happy 2014 friend! xo C

    • Jessica Comingore

      So glad to hear, C. Happiest New Year to you and yours, and wishing you many wonderful things ahead! xo

  7. Meg

    Beautifully articulated Jessica – thanks for sharing and happy 2014 xx

    • Jessica Comingore

      Thank you Meg, and happiest 2014 to you too! May it bring you many wonderful moments.

  8. Sarah Wheeler

    i love that happiness is your 2014 resolutions. although we’re always striving for more, better, happiness is really the final goal, i believe. happy new year Jessica!

    • Jessica Comingore

      I couldn’t agree more. Happy New Year, Sarah!

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